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Joe Clare

When Joe Clare was an active a realtor in Edmonton for over 19 years he restored over 15 houses and buildings. Examples of his approach include a six suite apartment in the inner city and his current commercial building. Both of these buildings were bought while at the bottom scale of revenue. Joe then retrieved them, built them up and restored them to the community.

He preferred to work on small projects that are community based, whether they might be gardens, or derelict houses or buildings. His approach to any building or property involves reaching inside to define and bring out its original intention or purpose.

His work centred around South Central and North Central Edmonton, and his properties tended to be noticed, not because they stand out, but because of the thoughtful approach to their renovation and reconstruction.  Every one of his projects go from beginning to completion with attention to detail.

“People say it’s too risky, but how are we going to change inner cities if we don’t invest in them?” Joe asks.

Joe is not a person of compromise when it comes to working in the community. To him vacancies are preferred over poor tenants. He hopes to provide an example of what it is to be a good landlord, a person who owns commercial property that has a healthy relationship with the community.
His garden beside the building in the community of Strathearn at 9202 95th Avenue is an example of his neighbourhood commitment.

In 2012, several years after this project completed, Joe took the step to purchase the Massage Therapy Supply Outlet an long-established company that had been renting the space in the building where the mural is located. He has now changed careers from realty to providing the healing and bodywork community with the natural supplies they need for their profession.

For more info on Joe and his work, check out his website: Joe

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