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Free Rain: Artist’s Statement

2009 June 25

This mural is based on a small 2′ x 2′ painting I made in 2007. That painting and this mural are both called ‘Free Rain’ which is an intended play on the notion of a liberating and free-reign of metaphysical perception. But I also see the abstracted shapes in the painting as rain-like, though it is equally valid to see these shapes as suggesting other objects in the physical world. As rain I see the shapes ‘falling’ in four directions; up, down, side to side. Why not? And it’s not that rain can or can’t do that. It’s that (metaphysical and physical) nature can form many patterns that represent our metaphysics and collective unconscious, and that nature and metaphysics are always in dialogue with each other. And therein lies the poetry of life and what art is supposed to represent.

James K-M

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